Terms and Conditions

INDE.Awards’s Launch Pad is an important design initiative of the Asia Pacific region, promoting the support and development of product design through a unique, interactive program of events.


Key Dates

23 November 2017        :          Entries Open

12 March 2018              :           Entries Close

16 March 2018              :           Extended Entries Close

19 – 29 March 2018     :           Round #1 Judging

7 May 2018                    :           Finalists Announced

18 May 2018                  :           Live Judging Asia

24 May 2018                  :           Live Judging Australia

22 June 2018                 :           INDE.Awards

*Please note, dates are subject to change.


Designers/Teams Eligibility Criteria

Launch Pad is a competition and mentoring program aimed at emerging professional designers.

To be eligible, designers/teams must comply with the following criteria:

  ·      Have designs in development

  ·      Be engaged in design research

  ·      All designers/teams must be residents of an Asia Pacific country


Prototype Eligibility

All prototypes entered into the 2018 Launch Pad program must comply with the following criteria to be eligible:

·       Have designs in development.

·       Be engaged in design research.

·       All designers/teams must be residents of an Asia Pacific nation.

·       Applicants may submit up to two (2) entries. Both entries are eligible for judging in the finalists’ round. An entry may constitute a single product or a collection of closely related products. However, the manufacturing grant amount is fixed; additional funds will not be available if the winning entry consists of more than one product. 

·       Each entry must have a complete physical prototype. If the prototype is not complete at the time of entry, it must be completed for live judging in May if the entry is selected as a finalist. Finalist entries without completed prototypes in March for live judging will be disqualified.

·       Product(s)/Prototype(s) submitted must target the following categories: furniture, lighting or accessories.

·       It is not a requirement of Launch Pad that prototypes be shown for the first time (i.e. your prototype may have been previously exhibited).

·       Product(s)/Prototype(s) designs must be less than 24 months old from date of submission.

·       Product(s)/Prototype(s) must not be subject to any current manufacturers’ agreements.

·       Entrants must have paid the registration fee in full for their prototype to be eligible for judging (see details below).

·       If successful in being selected for live judging, applicants agree to have their submitted prototype(s) available in Sydney (for applicants residing in Australia or New Zealand) or Singapore (for applicants residing in other APAC nations) for live judging. Please note, transport will NOT be covered or managed by Indesign Media Asia Pacific.

·       If successful in being selected as a finalist in the Launch Pad 2018 program, applicants agree to be available to ‘pitch’ their prototype in English to the regional judging panel in Sydney or Singapore either in person (preferable) or via Skype Video/Google Meeting during the live judging session. This element of judging cannot be done via video recording as it must be a two-way conversation. If language barriers are of concern to the finalist during this element of judging, the finalist may arrange a translator at their own cost. This must be identified and organised well in advance.


Entry Fee

Entry into Launch Pad 2018 attracts a registration fee, listed below. All registrations fees must be paid in full to be eligible in the program.

·       Prototype Entry #1 = AU$55 (includes prototype entry)

·       Prototype Entry #2 = AU$20 (eligible for second entry only)

* Please note all payments made to enter the program are non-refundable. Special circumstances will be considered.


Judging Criteria 2018

Applicants must demonstrate that their submission is commercially viable and has potential longevity in the commercial marketplace. Judges will consider whether the product is suitable for production (other than self production) and determine if there is sufficient market demand for the submitted prototype to warrant additional mentoring to further the product development.


The Judges will consider each submission based on the following criteria:

·       Authenticity / Originality of Design

·       Performance and user-friendliness

·       Ecological and economic impact

·       Innovation

·       Quality of prototype

·       Future potential


The Organisers engage the Judges and the Organisers reserve the right to support the Judges’ decisions as final. No communication will be accepted once the Judges’ response has been made.

Any feedback given in the judging process may be used by the Organisers and may be provided to the relevant entrant.


Judging will be conducted in three phases:

Stage 1: Initial Judging conducted online to select 6 shortlisted prototypes from applicants residing in Australia/New Zealand and 6 from applicants residing in other APAC nations.

Stage 2: Second-Phase Live Judging session (one in Sydney, one in Singapore) to select two regional winners. Involves candidate presentations and Judges’ Q&A.

Stage 3: Selection of highest-scoring regional winner (selected based on a combination of the live judging votes as well as the online judging), who will take the top prize of Ultimate Launch Pad Winner.

Supporting Material

Entrants are requested to supply 3 high-resolution JPEG images of each prototype entered. Images must be:

·       1500 x 1000 pixels

·       Landscape in orientation

·       Crisp and clean quality image (no pixilation)

2018 Terms and Conditions:

Please observe the following Launch Pad Program Terms and Conditions:


1. Images and Copyright

    1.1. Each submission must contain a minimum of 3 high-resolution photographic images, 1500 x 1000 pixels in size
    and landscape orientation.

    1.2. Applicants give copyright release of all photography submitted.

    1.3. Digital sketches or hand renders will be accepted, however the entrant must be advised that the design must be
    in a prototype form by May 2018, if it is selected as a finalist. If no prototype is available for live judging, the entry
    will be disqualified.

    1.4. The Organiser reserves the right to publish or distribute part, or all, of any supplied information or images, as
    well as photograph any or all of the products submitted.


2. Transport Assistance

    2.2. The cooperation of finalists is requested to facilitate the delivery and pick-up of their prototype according to
    Launch Pad’s specific instructions which will be communicated nearer to the live judging session in May 2018.

    2.3. It is the responsibility of finalists to deliver their prototype to the relevant live judging location subject to the
    Organiser’s conditions. Bump-in/out schedules, as well as further instructions from Launch Pad, will be made
    available to all applicants in advance of the live judging.

    2.4. Please note that financial assistance is not available for transport of selected prototypes. 


3. Packaging product for transport

    3.1. Applicants whose products are successful as a finalist agree that they are solely responsible for the packaging of
    their product. Applicants are reminded to package products with numerous counts of packing, unpacking and
    nationwide/international travel in mind.

    3.2. All individual parts of prototypes must be correctly packaged and clearly labelled with product name, designer’s
    full name, address and contact phone number.

    3.3. All packages must be clearly labelled LAUNCH PAD 2018 and labelled as per specifications, which will be made
    clear to entrants throughout the program.

    3.4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide proper and safe packaging to ensure the safety of the
    prototype, as the transport/courier company is not responsible for providing any additional packaging materials at
    any time. Acceptable packaging includes wooden crates and tough, durable packaging ideally built for the product. It
    is not acceptable to secure products with bubble wrap or soft cardboard boxes. Please contact INDE.Awards
    Organisers for further clarification if needed.


4. Risk

    4.1. Delivered prototypes are released to the Organisers who will apply due care, but accept no responsibility for the
    prototype or individual parts of submissions.

    4.2. Whilst due care will be applied in all circumstances, the Organisers and sponsors cannot be held liable for lost or
    damaged parts of submissions.

    4.3. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to safeguard their design during the Launch Pad live judging and any
    subsequent exhibition. Entrants are advised to be present at all times within the live judging space and take
    particular caution during bump-in and bump-out. If an Entrant is not available at these times, it is their responsibility
    to find a trusted guarantor to stand in their place.

    4.4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly and appropriately identify each part of their submission (name of
    product, designer’s name, contact details).

    4.5. No responsibility can be accepted for any unidentified parts of any submission, or if any part of your submission
    becomes unidentified at any stage. If any part of the prototype and/or supporting materials are unidentified or
    become lost, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify this part from the exhibition and the Organiser accepts no
    responsibility for incomplete prototypes and/or misplaced parts.


5. Collection of prototypes / Conclusion of exhibition

    5.1. At the conclusion of the live judging and any subsequent exhibition, it is the entrant’s responsibility to be
    available to collect their prototype on a date to be advised. Indesign will not accept responsibility for entrants who do
    not adhere to the schedule provided.


6. Insurance

    6.1. It remains the responsibility of successful Launch Pad applicants to insure their prototype for the duration of the
    program, and the Organiser encourages this.

   6.2. The event Organiser and individual sponsor partners can accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of


7. Applications

    7.1. The Organisers reserve the right to assess if applications have been correctly lodged.

    7.2. If an application is completed incorrectly, the Organiser reserves the right to contact the applicant and correct
    the entry. If the applicant can not be contacted, the Organiser will not accept the entry.


8. Products requiring lighting and/or suspension

    8.1. All lighting products that are successfully listed as Finalists are required by the Organisers to be tagged and
    tested by a qualified electrician as arranged by the designer/applicant before being transported for live judging.

    8.2. The Organiser or program sponsors will not be responsible for wiring the lighting product; it must come with a
    household plug and converter suitable for use in the country of judging.

    8.3. If the designer/applicant is not able to organise the required plugs and testing for the product, the applicant, if a
    successful finalist, agrees that the lighting product may have to be exhibited unlit.

    8.4. If the lighting product requires suspension for its final exhibition display, it is advised that the designer/applicant
    provide an appropriate truss for suspension, or an alternative plan for the hanging of the product, as the venue may
    not cater for this.


9. Intellectual Property

    9.1. If you wish to register your design through the Intellectual Property Department in your respective country, it is
    vital that your design has not been ‘published’ prior to your application (this includes being published on the

    9.2. In submitting your product or prototype for Launch Pad you understand that the Organiser may publish your   
    submitted images in print or online. Therefore you may wish to apply for design registration before the Submissions   
    Deadline of the competition. To register a design it must be new and distinctive. 'New' means the identical design (or
    one very similar) has not been publicly used in your country nor has it been published in a document within or
    outside your country.


For all Launch Pad enquiries please contact:

Launch Pad
(65) 6475 5228